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For a little fabric shop in the small country town of Dorrigo, the past year has seen a large number of visitors from overseas enjoying the broad range of fabrics and friendly service we have to offer. Thinking back over 2018, we have had visitors from a variety of countries including England, Scotland, Ireland, Gemany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Romania, India, Japan and of course not forgetting our Kiwi cousins from across the ditch! Many are visiting Dorrigo to see the the wonders of the World Heritage listed rainforests and spectacular scenery right on our doorstep and happen upon Misty Threads in their wanderings through our town, while others, much to our delight, have made the journey specifically to visit up us on the recommendation of friends and relatives or through having discovered us through our website or Facebook!

It's always a pleasure to talk to our visitors about where they are from, where they have been in Australia and, of course, their passion for beautiful and different fabrics. This makes you realise just how universal the love of patchwork and quilting is! In most cases our overseas visitors are looking for some fabric uniquely Australian to take back with them both as a reminder of their visit to Australia and for their own projects at home. As I've always managed to find a patchwork shop on my travels and picked up a wide range of amazing fabrics from different parts of the world (braving a torrential downpour in Helsinki to get to the Marimekko fabrics was totally worth it!), I fully appreciate this desire. The range of authentic Aboriginal designed fabrics at Misty Threads is always popular in this regard and we have seen these beautiful designs head off across the world to be made into skirts, tops, shorts, cushions, artwork and, of course, quilts. Beng light in weight, fabric is always a great souvenir or gift as it can be packed easily in the bottom of a suitcase and (hopefully) not incur excess baggage charges. Although we have had some of our visitors excitedly working out just what they can throw out of their bags to squeeze that little bit more  fabric in!

All in all, it's a lot of fun being able to promote the work or our indigenous designers and artists to other parts of the planet while providing our visitors with a truly unique reminder of their visit to Dorrigo and Misty Threads.

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Buy from the Bush

buy from the bush

Dorrigo is a small town in north eastern NSW placed high on the Dorrigo Plateau around 740mtrs above sea level.

By supporting small towns you can help us recover from the many bush fires drought and the Pandemic.

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