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Ring Ring, Pinkerville and Bah Bah Baby!

What's New at Misty Threads!

Three fabulous new fabric ranges have arrived at Misty Threads - Ring Ring, Pinkerville and Bah Bah Baby which can simply be described as retro, fantasy and really cute!

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Ring Ring by Hoodie Crescent harkens back to a time before our digital age featuring vintage phones, fountain pens (complete with ink splotches - remember those!) and pencils. Hoodie Crescent has been a fabric & surface designer in the quilt industry for many years, as well the international apparel and advertising industries. She recommends her collections for use in various 3D projects, such as aprons, bags, cushions, stuffed animals, & mixed media art.

These designs are available in three colour ways - green, brown and grey both in-store and through our online shop. Simply search for Ring Ring or click here to go straight to these New Arrivals. You can also download a free Ring Ring quilt pattern from the Paintbrush Stuios website.

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 Pinkerville is an imaginative new range from Tula Pink. Misty Threads has three patterns from this collection in stock - "Imaginarium", "Enlightenment" and "Serenity".

Tula Pink writes - "Pinkerville is a state of mind. When I design fabric I retreat into an imaginary world of my own creation. I call that place Pinkerville. In this collection I am inviting you to join me on a journey through my own delusion! This is a place where all things are possible. Each piece in this collection is named after an attribute that is required from entrance to Pinkerville." Misty Threads ha three designs from this collection in stock. "...The Unicorn print is titled "Imaginarium" because this place requires a devotion to the imagine, a willingness to invent and accept things that may or may not be real... A butterfly conceals the face of an owl in a print titled "Enlightenment" as she is the watcher, the all-seeing eyes of Pinkerville... A print of overlapping fans named "Serenity" reminds you to be calm and relaxed here, take it all in, there is plenty of time. Worry and anxiety are never welcome in Pinkerville. Welcome to my world, the space between my ears, the water is warm so shed the heavy baggage of reality and dip a toe into Pinkerville!" Simply search for Pinkerville on our website or click here to begin your journey to Pinkerville.

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Bah Bah Baby - Jill McDonald is back with another hit collection, Bah Bah Baby. This sweet baby collection is featured in a blue, grey and yellow colour palette, perfect to coordinate with any nursery theme. The main pattern is ideal for a set of pillows that you can relax on while snuggling with your little one. It is also great for wall hangings and baby quilts. How many sheep can you count before this collection takes you off to dreamland? Just search for Bah Bah Baby in our online shop or simply click here to view this range.

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