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Interchangeable Crochet Set Flowers

12 colorful crochet hooks (F5/3.75mm to 19/15mm)
7 cords (2 each of 3"/7.5cm & 5"/12.5cm, 1 each of 9"/23cm, 12"/30 cm 16"/41cm) for Tunisian hooks from 8" to 20" or 42" with cords joined (20cm to 107cm)
4 end buttons and 2 extenders
Sales price: $ 95.00
Tax amount: $ 8.64

Denise2Go Crochet for a Cure has all of our crochet hook sizes in a hand-sewn, palm-sized, made in the USA cotton case.  Great for standard crochet and superb for Tunisian crochet! Create amazing fabrics in Tunisian crochet with everything from lace weight to bulky weight yarn.  This compact set raises funds for breast cancer research with $5 going directly to the research lab.  **For 2015, all donations are going through Cast-Off Chemo!, an industry-wide initiative to support breast cancer research for a technique that replaces chemotherapy with a more targeted and significantly more gentle treatment.  Together we can fund the cure!**